Meghan Testerman

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Meghan Testerman

Open Research and Scholarship Librarian 

Head of Princeton Research Data Service

Meghan's work at Princeton consists of three overlapping roles: Open Research and Scholarship Librarian, Head of Princeton Research Data Service, and subject librarian to the behavioral sciences, including liaison responsibilities to the Department of Psychology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Through these roles, Meghan helps researchers, scholars, faculty, principal investigators, and research labs organize, manage, store, preserve, and share research information and research data produced throughout the research lifecycle across all disciplines. She conducts research on open, transparent, and reproducible science, systematic review methodology, researcher workflows, and data stewardship, and advocates for new forms of science librarianship, and equity in librarianship and STEM. 

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"In the nation's service and in the service of humanity."

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